Earnings Compared to Manufacturing

Over the last five years, average earnings for the oil and
natural gas industry have been below the rest of the
U.S. manufacturing industry, averaging about 4 cents
for every dollar of sales compared to nearly 9 cents
for manufacturing. By the second quarter of 2015, the
average for the oil and gas industry fell to minus 21.9 cent
on the dollar compared to 7.1 cents on the dollar for all
U.S. manufacturing as the price collapse of crude oil took
its toll on U.S. oil producers.

Like other industries, the oil and natural gas industry
strives to maintain a healthy earnings capability. It does
so to remain competitive and to benefit its millions of
shareholders, across the country and in all walks of
life. Healthy earnings also allow the industry to invest in
innovative technologies that improve our environment
and increase production to keep America going strong –
even as it leads the search for newer technologies, and
new sources of energy that will provide a more secure